June12, 2023


Just a quick reminder that our next meeting is on June 12 at 7:00 PM on Zoom. LAPUG Members will receive the Zoom link via email prior to the meeting.

WWDC is winding down and Apple
has made some of the biggest product announcements in years. Not only have they upgraded computers and announced what's coming with new operating systems in the fall, they announced their first new product since the Apple Watch 8 years ago. Wow, Vision Pro seems to be setting the pathway to the future of computing. But, starting at $3,500, is it for you? If not, who is it for? What could the future hold for it?

Join our June meeting and we'll dig into these questions and more. There was so much announced ini the 2 hour Keynote that Apple has given us several meetings worth of discussion over the next few months. There's lots to talk about!

And, of course, we'll leave some time for Q&A.