January 8, 2024


Have you ever seen an article you read online and wanted to save it to refer back to it quickly? Or, have you ever seen an article you wanted to read but just didn't have time to read it at the time you found it? We've all been in that situation and a few apps have been created over the years to help us collect those articles to read when we're ready. Commonly called "Read it Later" apps, many have developed integration with your favorite browser so that you can save the link or, in some cases, the entire article's contents so you can read the article when you're ready. Some apps even save the entire content offline so you can read it when you're not even connected to the Internet (like on a flight).

We'll review a few of those apps at our next meeting and show you how they work and how they can sync to your devices so you can read the articles YOU want WHEN you want them.