August 13, 2018

The new MacBook Pros have been released! If you’ve been following the saga involving Intel’s latest processors, Coffee Lake, you’ll know that Apple hasn’t had any mobile products using these CPUs — until now! The cool thing is not only are they faster but Apple has included a quad-core processor (i7) for 13” MacBook Pro models and, for the first time, a six-core processor (i9) for 15” models. Along with these upgrades, Apple has doubled the maximum storage available to 2 TB in the 13” and 4 TB (!) in the 15”.  Of course, you’ll pay for the privilege and an i9 with 4 TB in a 15” model will set you back nearly $7,000!!   We’ll have both 13” and 15” models on had to talk about and demo. Well also talk about some Thunderbolt 3 accessories that are very cool

We suspect that many of you still haven’t gotten on the new USB-C bus (pun intended) and there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to understanding the differences between the USB-A, B, C standards as well as the USB 1, 2, 3 and 3.1 standards — not to mention mini USB and micro USB. We’ll clear up all that confusion for you.